On Narcissism and the illusion of choice

It is not love that should be depicted as blind, but self-love.” —Voltaire

That quote is there because it was one of the first results of my search for ‘Funny quotes on narcissism’. In this day and age when the most powerful man on earth (sarcasm) addresses his nation in an extremely challenging manner of only using 140 characters while on his luxurious toilet seat after his early afternoon coffee, Land people who are dying to find out the key to immortality in an article that consists of 10 concise and short sentences, I believe (re)starting this blog with a funny quote on narcissism is the best form of getting followers’ attention.

There are two things that makes this quote fabulously suitable for this article. Firstly, I don’t even agree with  the statement, I know no one actually asked for my opinion on this but I feel the urge to share my life motto (which has been nicely and precisely in contrast with the mentioned statement): “find the most emotionally unavailable and abnormal people who are in some of the most strange times of their lives, love them more than yourself blindly”.  As honest and weird that sounds, I blame my genes for it. I myself rarely make any conscious mistakes, most of my mistakes occur very subconsciously.

The perfect answer:

I believe the statement ‘I don’t know’ is one of the most misunderstood sentences in the entire human history. I understand some ‘I don’t knows’ are vicious and has been used wrongly to justify malicious intents, like if you ever asked Mikhail Gorbachev “why did communism fail bro?” He can’t just simply say “I don’t know mate!” (Gorbachev sounds Australian here for some reason that is unknown to the author himself).

Sometimes we really don’t know what the fuck we are doing. “Why did you check that hot person across the road out you perverted cunt?” “- I don’t fucking know baby! but you know I love you right?”. I know you’d think maybe it is because he or she doesn’t love you (never did) and they secretly have their very loving family which consists of five kids and multiple spouses who are living happily together, but I can tell you as insane as it might sound unfortunately that might not the reason which made them check that butt out.
I have been dying to make people realize I don’t really know why I do some of the things I do, why do I pick up a random quote, spend hours thinking and writing, and not even trying to say something meaningful or relevant about it? I don’t really know. Why did I feel severely heart broken when I was staring at a beauty in a bar and she did not even acknowledge  my existence and ended up leaving the bar in the arms of an another Middle Easterner, whose beard was not even trimmed? I don’t know. It’d be really great if I knew but unfortunately just how my biggest critiques (best friends and family) point out I am very clueless in life generally and specifically in its romantic branch.

“Dude she is in coma and they are going to pull the plug they are donating her organs so the chances of her being brought back to life even in her grave is zero, you met her for e 20 seconds before her accident and just asked her what time it was, why the heck are you madly in love with her?” said a beloved close friend.
“- I don’t know man, it felt like she was the one, the way she said half past five it was so exotic and unforgettable man…. see she is so kind and selfless she is donating her organs, I knew man”.

Quote me please:

But the second reason that makes this quote uniquely suitable for this article is that, the alleged author (Have not even checked the authenticity of it, did not really care), was unknown to me. I did not know who Voltaire is, feeling guilty for sort of quoting someone I did not know made me read the display of his Wikipedia page on google search, he sounded extremely interesting on those first three lines, fighting the church and all, but not interesting enough for me to open the whole thing and spending another 4 mins on the guy, it was just 75% of a line get over it.

Said that, this is how this weblog is going to unfold just random irrelevant stuff that are meant to be funny, dark and somehow meaningful.


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